Sky City Freefall

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– Sky City: A vast vertical metropolis, stretching from ground level to low-earth-orbit, held within an airtight forcefield.

– Hazing: Highly competitive, highly dangerous, highly illegal – skydiving the length of the support towers, racing to the bottom.

– Tower Defence: Armed police drones, dedicated to vaporising anything which might endanger the structure.

Experience a vertigo-inducing drop of almost two hundred miles, kept safe by nothing more than quick reflexes and a parachute. Gameplay is simple – tilt your device to weave through the platforms and bridges, dodge the incoming fire from the defence forces, then hit the “Dive” button to build up even more speed. If you reach the bottom, your ‘chute will open automatically.

Choose from 3 levels of play – a solo practice dive from just 6 miles up, a mid-level race from 47 miles, or “The Ultimate”, jumping from the city’s low-earth-orbit launch platform, a dizzying 198 miles high. Make it to the bottom in one go, or hit the pause button to save your position for later.


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