Lingua Daemoniorum

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“Do you remember what we always used to dream of? The discovery that would make your career? Make you famous? Well, I think I’ve found it. In fact I know I have. But I need your help to unravel it. Believe me though, this could be as big as the Pyramids. Or bigger.”

When linguist Jackson Petaine receives the invitation, it promises him the opportunity of a lifetime. The civilisation in the jungles of South America predates any previously discovered, yet the builders are gone, and their feats of engineering are all that remain. Now the citadel is home to the Uru, the silent caretakers who tend and maintain the site, but cannot—or will not—explain who built it, or where it came from. Only the carvings in a previously unknown language tell the story, a story Jackson will have to piece together for himself.

So when he discovers the true history of the place, why it was built, and what is really held there, the myths and legends he has been decoding become the key to his very survival.

This is another Lovecraftian horror, this time dealing with the power of language in magic (literally “The Language of Demons”) set in an archaeological site in South America.  It’s based on a story I did for a fortnightly writing challenge over ten years ago (the title that was set back then was “Speaking in Tongues”), but with a recent rewrite and change of ending.

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Reviews and Accolades

13-Dec-2019: One of the first reviews, and it’s a good one!


Pure Horror

…Wow. This story was extremely short but contained more horrors than many novels. It’s not often a horror book actually unnerves me. But this did, and it was awesome.